A successful app user acquisition strategy will help to create a large audience for your app hence, it increases downloads. Every developer creates a mobile application with intentions to give as many as downloads as possible. As such, the work of the mobile application developer does not end with creating a user-friendly app alone. Developers have to put in efforts to market their apps midst to the rising competition. This is the reason why there is a requirement of mobile app user acquisition strategy. It is not always easy to build an acquisition which will guarantee long-term success. You may be required to start developing a strategy even before you launch your mobile application services. By this way, you can increase the chances of your success.


How to Measure App User Acquisition?

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It is quite important to measure the user acquisition of your app to gauge the success of your mobile app marketing campaign. The essential metrics which must be considered are the number of installs made by the users and the rate of installs. With these metrics, you can get a clear picture of how helpful your mobile app development solutions are for the users.

Below are some of the important metrics that involve mobile user acquisition cost:

5 App User Acquisition Strategies

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There are various mobile app user acquisition strategies that one can use, as different strategies work for different people. To make your mobile app marketing plan more effective, below are top 5 app user acquisition strategies:

  • App store optimization

App store optimization helps your app rank high on app store ranking. By this way, the users can see it easily when they search on the Google app store. This can be divided into two groups such as search optimization and appeal optimization.

  • Building a website

Your website can act as a great source of app installs, and you can create a website where you can share the details of your app. You can post videos describing how your app works as well as its importance. Driving traffic on your website through your mobile app is also an effective and efficient way to increase your native app users.

  • Social media

Social media plays a crucial role in app user acquisition because it offers a good platform for increasing the visibility of your app. The social media platforms give you the chance to learn about the prospective users while you market your app. By this way, you can share information about your applications on these platforms.

  • Content marketing

The content marketing allows you to reach a large audience and share the information about your app. This also helps to describe your app and convince readers that it is important and beneficial for them. The secret to great content marketing is to understand your audience and their concerns.

  • Reviews & Ratings

Most of the users look at their reviews and ratings of an app before downloading it. Review paint a picture of what new users ought to except the mobile app. Therefore, it is important to have as many reviews and ratings as possible for your app to increase app user acquisition.


The success of your mobile application relies on the mobile app marketing strategy that you select. Therefore, you have to get your marketing tactics right and should try out different strategies and be creative about it.

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