If you think that hitting the target is hard and hitting moving target is even harder, then trust me that creating a new technology is nearly impossible because the shape and nature of the target morphs as it moves. As we know that, the technology is moving faster than ever before with the rapid change in emerging drivers. The business owners must be willing to adapt for changes in technology if they need to stay in this competitive market scenario. According to Vestberg, the advent of connected mobile app development technology is just as powerful and equally underestimated. Today, there are around 7.2 billion mobile subscriptions and only 2.9 billion among them have broadband by which the high-speed internet can be accused. To stay ahead in this economy and changing market, you must first keep yourself abreast of the latest software trends and technology.


As we know that 2019 is mere days away, so there arises a lot of question in every user’s mind. What opportunities are you most excited to capture as the technology continues to reshape our businesses and our lives? Whatever you may be focusing upon, the year ahead holds a lot of promises for IT organizations and leaders and their teams as well. The transformation is echoed by those on the frontier in other disciplines like genetics, alternative energy, and artificial intelligence and so on. Because the changes are coming very soon, so it also arise our ability for adjusting these changes and adopting new technology in new ways. It is no secret that the technology trends move fast and the tools and techniques meant for building those technologies constantly evolves.

After surveying with the experts of IT organizations and discussing what they think is the next big thing in the future of software development services,  it’s time to look into these trends so your business can become the early adopter of these technologies as:

  • Containerization

In many ways, this may be already thought as true for the lots of organizations, but this can be just a beginning of the widening trend. The Docker and the Kubernetes ecosystem finally will help with moving forward as well, but it is expected that within a few years it will be more uncommon to see teams not using the containers.

  • Functional programming

The functional programming is not new, but it has not increased with the widespread adoption. However, with SPAs becoming more complex, JavaScript is looking its limitations by making it hard for meaning and debugging the code. There are many developers who adopt the functional mindset on the client side to adopt different part of the stacks.

  • Multiplatform UI Development

There are many organizations that end up needing the frontends for the web, Ios, Android. Doing these three different ways is ineffectual as several solutions exist to address the last two, but few can be handled in all three reasonable and successful fashions. On the backend, the serverless solutions will be most popular for certain use case.


  • Native Analytics Module

More and more products will include the business intelligence and analytics modules natively in their IT solutions, which reflects the requirements for more value from the data this system generates. Involving into the department to include natural language generation in these BI and analytics modules will become a fundamental requirement as well.

  • Server less

The best programming languages have become more and more developer friendly either has been initiated for developing a website or even mobile app solutions without having any knowledge about the coding. This would be an important step since it would narrow the gap between imaging a product and creating in its real life.

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