A shopping cart is an online retailer site which is a piece of software which facilitates the purchase of the product or the services. It accepts the payment of customers and organizes the distribution of that information to the merchant, payment processor, and other parties. The shopping cart builds a bridge between the shopping and buying so having the best shopping cart software is extremely crucial for your website. It is likely that those who are just starting out in the market may be unfamiliar with the concept of a shopping cart. As most of the people especially those who are in the ecommerce industry, have likely made the online purchase at some point in their lives.

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It is a piece of software which acts as an online store’s catalog and the process of ordering. Typically, the shopping cart is the interface between the company’s website and it’s deeper infrastructure which allows the consumers to select the merchandise, review out what they have selected and also makes the necessary changes or modification and purchase the merchandise. Typically, the users check off any product or services which are being ordered and then when the ordering process is finished, it indicates that and proceeds to a page where the total order is being placed and confirmed.

 Types of Shopping Cart

Each and every online store must have the functionality of shopping cart to be able to sell the products to the customers. Essentially there are two types of online shopping cart solutions available in the market, which are discussed as below:

  • Hosted Shopping Cart

These are the off-shelf solutions which are managed by the company who have created them. In this shopping cart, all you need to do is to set up your store to sign up with your chosen host and you are good to go.

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  • Self-hosted shopping cart

These are 100% customizable shopping solutions which you host on your own server. It simply means that you downloaded the software and can run the software on your own. The most common and best example of this type of shopping cart is Magneto.

Benefits of Shopping Cart

The shopping cart applications support the e-commerce efforts in a variety of manner which is the only reason why customers are satisfied with a number of notable benefits after they have deployed one. Some of the main benefits of shopping cart software are:

  • Safer shopping

Most of the online stores decide to get a shopping cart application because of the security issues, by keeping in mind that the payments and the transactions are facilitated and well administered.

  • Convenient shopping

By the use of shopping cart software, the customer can make a convenient shopping for whatever they need to buy. Think from the buyer’s perspective, would you rather consider a website where you can store and can manage your orders and make them separately.

  • Data management

A shopping cart is not only the tool which customers can pass through but also an intelligent base collecting information and revealing patterns, alongside calculating important product stats.

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  • Easy payment

Another most important benefit of shopping cart solution is being able to collect the payments in a hassle-free way as it provides you all the processing features that you require to charge a customer without asking them to abandon the platform.

  • Easy administration

The shopping carts come with an excellent administration panel where the user can store items, update the data and set different permissions.

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