Website design trends are changing the entire world scenario, so the design principle on the web is really hard to define; however, there are still golden rules which help to stand out of check the test of time. Some of the principle that states the design principles of a website is easy to understand navigation, proper use of animation, good color scheme, organized content etc. These principles clearly indicate that the website design is extremely good for the development. But, there are also some common points which describe the bad website design. According to the studies, you have less than a second of time to persuade the new visitors to stay on your website.


In online business and blogging, building credibility is much harder than in real life because your customers cannot see your face. All they have to judge is your website design. The large authoritative companies have a budget to invest in the sleek web design. People trust these companies not because of their website design, but because of what these organizations represent. These companies have helped sleek, beautiful design, become the face for authoritative companies. The major handful mistakes that people generally do while creating the website is on usability, credibility, and readability factors which leads to bad website design.

Factors to judge a Website Design

Below are some common factors that describe how we can define whether the web design is good or bad:

  • No or Not Clear Call to Action

Many landing pages do not have a call to action, which is considered as bad design. Also, there are many pages who do have a call to action but they are designed in such a way that it is quite hard to find or unnoticeable. If you think about it, it does not make any sense at all for a page without a clear call to action button.

  • No logo Website Connection

Bootstrapping their startups, founders often try to save the money by getting their company logo designed by their friends, buy it from a marketplace or crowdsourcing platform. But then they just slap it on the HTML templates and is done, which results in bad impression on visitors. In terms of branding, you need to understand that logo is just not a design but your brand identity.

  • Inconsistency

You customers actually do not care if you are bootstrapping from coffee shops, as long as you are delivering the value. This is where small details are highly important. Use the brands colors in all your online presence and also use the same fonts, if possible. Always make sure that they are web friendly and works well with the one used in your logo. Using inconsistent colors and abrupt fonts are considered poor design.

bad web design

  • Too many Fonts

Amateur and beginner designers often go crazy with the fonts of website designing. This is one of the biggest elements that tell that the website is not prepared by the professional designers. Use of many fonts which are not mobile friendly and not easy to read definitely gets a higher bounce rate. So, decide on headlines & text blocks which are going well together & stick to it.

  • Random colors

You can often see so many different colors on sloppily made landing pages. Sometimes, logo’s will have only one color shade and the rest of the website will have a different shade, which is totally not acceptable. As mentioned earlier the inconsistency leads to a poor design website so set a color scale & stick to it.

With so many free web design templates available in the market, many people feel that website design & development is an extremely easy & lay man’s job but in reality no matter how easy it looks to design a website but it is an art which needs an expert’s touch & work in terms of layout, color, text font, design, technicality & much more. It is just not a website but a virtual image of your organization which creates an impression about your company & brand online. So if you are looking for experts to design your website which can speak for your company & can create a strong brand identity online for your brand then look no further and contact Tekshapers. With a highly skilled, experienced & competent team, we provide a high quality & unique website design and development services. Reach out to us at or