These days a lot of theories & talks about the virtual reality are prevalent in the media landscape. VR may sound like something out of Philip K. novel but the virtual reality is on the verge of becoming a real reality for the people. According to the report of Philip Rosedale, forward-looking organizations will probably start making the noticeable use of the VR in the next two years. A company, Fidelity, created tech which allows the users to interact in the shared environment. In the same way, to the adoption of the smartphone, the usage will increase gradually before the technology will become the part of everyone day-to-day life. From immersive gaming to technological life, every firm is growing rapidly to come up with new and more advanced virtual reality products.

While you take off the headset to remove yourself for a scenario, the technology expert has the predictions that in the future, people may choose not to do so. According to the reports of Roy Taylor, the corporate vice president AMD said that the actual life could be soon indistinguishable from VR, which allows people to live in the simulated world. To get the photorealism is the next big step to receive a full presence where we need to get afterward, and then real life will be indistinguishable from the virtual reality, according to SUN Taylor. Facing aggressive competition from free, ad-supported rivals, Ian Paul believes that CR can help him win over the customers willing to pay a premium for an immersive, engaging experience.

Market Growth Drivers of Virtual Reality

Although, currently at a low base, the virtual reality market in the MENA region is expected to increase at a rapid rate. According to the reports of Deloitte, renewed corporate are focusing on the innovation to re-invigorate growth which increases the focus by MENA companies to deliver the innovative new products and the services tailored to the demands of regional customers. The increased pressure to decrease the operational cost due to the continued depression of the oil prices, the companies hit by depressed oil prices will look to the technologies such as Virtual reality to lower their cost base. An increase in the population size, especially in the younger generation-rises in a number of computer gamers and interested in VR-enabled gaming, and also interested in enterprise application increase gradually.

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Although VR technology may seem like fairly recent technology, Ewalt likes to think that you can trace the history of virtual reality back to around 17,000 years ago and the Lascaux paintings in southwestern France. You do not have to realize until you are there or if you visit it in a virtual reality simulation, but the caves are meant to wrap around you. Ewalt continued that, the advantages of virtual reality are going to be strongest than the problems associated with it. Some people will get the most, but the number of people who find some new things in it and who will expand their lives is going to be greater.

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